Eclectic Consulting


Our Expertise

  • Industrial strength" grounding including measurements of soil resistivity with our own test equipment (AEMC), measurements of resistance; design to resistance goals; installation under contract. We design to IEEE and other internationally recognized specifications.
  • Grounding and bonding  The best and lowest resistance grounding in the world is meaningless without bonding of all metallic bodies. During a lightning event, every metallic element in contact or close to contact with the ground will have a potential difference with other metallic elements unless they are bonded together.
  • Equipotential studies OSHA and related state safety regulations require studies of voltage gradients. We can provide you with technical help in the required studies.
  • Long duration grounding solutions. Grounding electrodes have a limited lifetime depending on the electrode material and the surrounding soil. We are proponents of electrolytic electrodes, in particular the Lyncole XIT electrolytics. With guaranteed lifetimes of 30 years and more, there is no longer guarantee in the industry.
  •  Training. We can provide training in either English or Spanish in the topic of grounding at your facility.