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Lightning Protection

Our Expertise

  • Lightning protection based on international standards We are proponents of lightning protection based on standards that are confirmed by the scientific community. These are the NFPA-780 and IEC-62305 and their "descendants" for the FAA, power stations, etc. The general public is not aware that there are other "standards" that are not confirmed by the scientific community. Don't be fooled!
  • Grounding and bonding The best and lowest resistance grounding in the world is meaningless without bonding of all metallic bodies. During a lightning event, every metallic element in contact or close to contact with the ground will have a potential difference with other metallic elements unless they are bonded together.
  • Risk studies    Risk studies start with observed lightning incidence of strikes/sq. mile/year. Beyond the basics are a a number of other factors. Included is the necessity of know "what" is to be protected.
  • Integrated protection. Protection against lightning has to include strike termination, grounding/bonding and surge protection of all metallic facilities (power, telephone, antennas). Until the protective system is inclusive (integrated), your infrastructure is not properly protected.
  • Training. We can provide training in either English or Spanish in the topic of lightning protection at your facility.