Eclectic Consulting

Links  Serving the world's largest community of translators, delivers a comprehensive network of essential services, resources and experiences that enhance the lives of its members. Proz is the premier site for freelance translators. Spanish. The focus of this site is on integrated protection of electrical and electronic machinery and gear. Not pushing just "lightning protection" we put a strong emphasis on "industrial strength" grounding, electrical installation based on the NEC, surge protection and equipotential bonding.  Lyncole Grounding Solutions. Lyncole holds the original patent for electrolytic electrodes. In addition to their line of XIT electrolytic electrodes we represent Lyncole's international class grounding engineering services. Both English and Spanish (and other languages). The NFPA National Fire Prevention Association is the source of a broad array of standards. We are proud members of the NFPA since 2007. Primary interests are in the National Electric Code, Data Centers, and Arc Flash. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the source of many internationally recognized standards for electrical installations. Senior Life member of IEEE. Primary interests in the IEEE: power and communications. We represent EasyPower in Bolivia. Also we support sales and technical liasion for EasyPower in other countries where there is no representative. We collaborate closely with Ameritranslations on various translation projects.