Eclectic Consulting

Engineering and Technical Capabilities

Our Expertise

  • Industrial strength" grounding including measurements of soil resistivity with our own test equipment (AEMC), measurements of resistance; design to resistance goals; installation under contract. We design to IEEE and other internationally recognized specifications.
  • Design and Analyis of Power Systems Using the software of EasyPower, we can analyze and design electrical systems. EasyPower is based on both ANSI and IEC electrical standards. Thus we can support the needs of companies from both environments.
  • National Electric Code electrical installations We promote electrical installations that conform to the NEC. The NEC is not adopted directly in Bolivia. However there are applications of the NEC that have to do with electrical installations located in Class I situations
  • Lightning Protection. Our analysis and design is guided by the NFPA standards, in particular by -780 and by IEC-62305 which is more detailed. Protection from lightning is far more detailed than "just" keeping the lightning from striking your building. Without conformance to grounding / bonding and surge protection, your infrastructure is still at risk.
  • Telecommunications. Our experience includes design and installation of structured cabling, fiber optics and radio links. We recommend / design in the protection against lightning for our customers.