Eclectic Consulting


Topics Over the years we have developed training in Spanish and English in the following areas. The orientation of the technical training is towards engineers, electricians, technicians. The general class on outdoors protection is for all levels.

  • Integrated protection of electrical / communications infraestructure The emphasis is on minimizing the effects of lightning. This is based on NFPA and IEC standards. It is "integrated" in the sense of including lightning interception, grounding, bonding and surge suppression. If you have electrical, electronic infraestructure, the protection has to include all of the vectors from the exterior. Furthermore, it is well recognized that the majority of transients originate within your facility, although not of the same magnitude as lightning.
  • Lightning protection in open areas. If your school, youth group, Scouts or sports group has outdoor activities, it needs to be aware of the best practices having to do with lightning outdoors. This is a free service! We want you to be safe outdoors.