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Our New Site now LIVE
This site is going live in late August 2016. Previously "consulting-bolivia.com", we are relocating to the Dallas, Texas area. Our services are basically the same, but more expansive than just "Bolivia."

Our Services

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Welcome to Eclectic Consulting

Welcome to Eclectic Consulting. Eclectic as in "a little bit of everything". We are dedicated to helping you in a variety of ways in the USA and in Latin America. We specialize in three basic areas:
1) Electro-technology, especially as it relates to protection of electrical and communications infrastructure. This is principally grounding, lightning protection, and conformance to electrical standards.

2) Translation services, Spanish-English and English-Spanish with emphasis in power/energy, wind power, communications and lightning protection.

3) Commercial contacts in Bolivia, South America. Our family based team are dual USA-Bolivian citizens with continuing commercial business in Bolivia, principally Cochabamba.

How Can We Help YOU?

Protection of Electrical/ Electronic Infrastructure

Lightning protection & Grounding

We got our start in this field when communications electronics were first exposed to lightning with the advent of micro-electronics starting in the 1970s. The protection against the effects of lightning are far broader than "just" intercepting lightning before it hits your house or company. Our lightning protection efforts are completely based on national and international standards including NFPA-780, NFPA-70, IEC-62305. If you have infrastructure (computers, routers / switches, communications equipment), then you need to think of its protection even though you might think it is "safe" inside a building.
Commercial Contact in Bolivia

Introducing Your Unique Products to S. America

One of the first questions that our customers ask is "is there a market for our unique product?" We can help you assess the potential for your product. And presuming that you make the decision to enter the market we can help you in determining the appropriate sales channel, promotion via advertising, participation in trade fairs, etc. Remember that our specialty is the industrial plant and commercial building construction segment, not mass marketing. If you are considering introducing your products or services into the Latin American market in general, or Bolivia specifically, we've "been there, done that"!
Translation for Electro-technology
Translation by People

Eliminating Language Barriers

 Probably the single largest barrier to success in introducing new products and then selling is simply the language barrier. There is NO reason for language to limit your product's success in Latin America. Translation is a core competency. We have our own staff and we can tap into the local translation community for special projects. We translate documents, websites, training manuals, whatever it takes for you to be successful internationally.
   We are members of Proz.com, the largest community of freelance translators. More importantly, we have an impressive library of source documents in electro-technology based on international standards.